Team Update: Mike Garrido joins to build web3 CCG

Chris Hui
3 min readJun 7, 2023

The EON Guardians team is excited to introduce Mike Garrido, who has joined the team as a Technical Advisor. The following is a Q&A interview for our community to get to know him in his own words:

Mike Garrido’s Honorary Vanguard PFP

Let’s start with introductions, tell us about yourself! What’s your professional background?

I started as a web developer for various LA startups from 2010-2012. Then I specialized as a Web game client & live ops portal developer atScopely from 2012-2013. Wanting more experience in making video games, I co-founded Prizm Labs to port board games to local multiplayer mobile/PC and led product from 2013-2017. After a co-founder breakup, I decided to help other companies through MarTech consulting & solutions engineering at various SaaS companies from 2017-2022. Then with the proliferation of blockchain/web3 startups, I worked more closely with game developers again as a Solutions Architect at Forte from 2022-2023.

How did you get into the game industry?

I shipped my first free-to-play game at Scopely as a lead developer of the Facebook game version of Dice With Buddies.

Scopely IP Collage

What’s been your involvement with web3 games?

The first web3 game I played was Axie Infinity. A friend of mine wanted to understand how to run a scholarship program. I met some friends who were trying to do the competitive ladder, and that led to talking more about web3 games and making them. At Forte, I helped SuperTeam Games integrate NFTs and publish STG Football on the Epic Games Store.

STG Football Title Splash

Getting to the fun stuff, how did you first get into the TCG/CCG genre of games?

I started playing YuGiOh TCG in middle school and spent the most money on a double-sleeved Chaos Emperor Dragon deck. Then I discovered Magic: The Gathering at a club in high school.

YuGiOh! TCG — Chaos Emperor Dragon Card

What are some of your favorite CCGs (either current or past)? And why?

  1. MTG: a way to have fun with hometown friends playing in pre-release events at local game shops. Playing EDH or legacy cube at home with friends
  2. Legends of Runeterra: I played since open beta, and love to see how champions & lore from League of Legends is translated to CCG genre. I enjoy the generous F2P progression rewards & live ops support from the development team.
  3. Duelyst: I loved the innovative flavor of tactical combat + CCG. I also liked the daily single-player puzzle challenges.
Legends of Runeterra — F2P Progression Screenshot

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