EON Guardians Team Intro, @K017G

Chris Hui
2 min readSep 30, 2022


GM Guardians! In this series, we will be introducing some of the core members of the project team that are building @EONGuardians!

Today we are introducing one of the Founders and Operational Lead, @K017G. We’ll hand over the floor now for him to introduce himself:

I am a lifelong gamer ever since I split the cost with my brother to buy a Nintendo. I was fortunate to get into gaming as a career when I joined my friends to create a gaming startup during the beginning of social games on Facebook.

1985 Nintendo Entertainment System TV commercial gif
OG gamer flashback

We eventually transitioned to mobile devices starting with the introduction of the Apple iPhone. Since then, I’ve worked on multiple games and projects working at one of the largest mobile gaming companies and continued to stay in the game space.

I am now exploring what I believe is the next generation of games, utilizing blockchain technology, but also stumbled across something very powerful in the way that Web3 can bring together communities of people towards a common goal.

My hope now is that common goal is to build the world of EON into something meaningful.

My role on EON Guardians is really a jack of all trades. Professionally during my career, I have been operations and product-focused, but I’ve done everything in the gaming industry from customer service, QA, game design, a little bit of coding, etc. with the exception of art (I can’t draw to save my life).

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Doing all the things

I’ve built studios and have realized the most important thing about creating a video game company is to find passionate people that really enjoy games. I am currently focused on building the culture of what we envision the EON community to be.

Favorite Game: I am a TCG/CCG fan at heart playing a lot of Magic: The Gathering so I’ve been playing a lot of MTG: Arena. Other notable games: Slay the Spire, League of Legends, and WoW (I have a love/hate relationship with this game but I no longer have the time to play 😥).

Find out more about EON Guardians at eonguardians.io. Join our Discord community here for news, announcements, collaborations, and more.



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