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Chris Hui
3 min readOct 4, 2022

Hey Guardians! In this series, we are introducing some of the core members of the project team that are building @EONGuardians.

Today we are introducing one of the Founders and Game Director: Chris Hui (@corgipunk).

I’ve been a gamer since I was 4 years old. Starting with Tetris on NES and then obsessively through each console+PC generation of gaming from then on. It didn’t take me long to sort out that I wanted to make games for a living (my parents tell me I was about 8 when I declared this). Turns out I meant it, and my entire professional career has been spent in either the game and/or animation industry.

Mega Man 2 (NES) ❤❤

My background is primarily technical, spanning from technical art pipelines to nearly all aspects of client and server engineering as it pertains to games. I’ve been lucky to find myself at top game publishers like THQ, EA, and Kabam to name a few. And even more lucky to have been part of the crew on Star Wars: The Clone Wars the animated series (now streaming on Disney+!).

I’ve spent the past 5+ years as tech leadership in game startups, building teams and architecting cross-platform online games. The candid reason I’m excited to build a web3 game is that I’ve long imagined a world of gaming in which gamers hold true ownership of their in-game belongings. And as an opportunity to change the way games are made. To build with a community that believes in what is being built, in a way that is more than just idealistic, but is core to the success of EON and its community.

Favorite games: This is a hard one, but I’ll try to be brief 🙂. Childhood loves — Mega Man 2/3/X, FFVI, Chrono Trigger, Street Fighter II. What am I playing now? Mostly competitive games these days — Street Fighter V, Apex Legends, Valorant. Hope to play sometime with the EON community!

Clip of author in competitive play at EVO 2022

Find out more about EON Guardians at eonguardians.io. Join our Discord community here for news, announcements, collaborations, and more.



Chris Hui

Building @EONGuardians, lifelong gamer | Past: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Lucasfilm, Kabam, EA, THQ