Dev Update #1 — What is Eon Ancients?

Chris Hui
5 min readNov 30, 2022


Last week we had the momentous occasion of our first community mint! Here’s another look at what that was like, for those who weren’t there (or just want to re-live it).

Thumbnail for EON Ancients Card Pack

Now, the question on the minds of most of our community is: What is Eon Ancients? (And secondly, what is this card pack that I’m holding?) Well I’m happy to answer that. Buckle in, there’s a lot to share.

Eon Ancients is a CCCCCG

Community Co-Created Collectible Card Game. (Yes, we just made that up.)


But that’s what it is. From day 1, we’ve been clear in our intent to build games for and with our community. We realized that we didn’t want to wait for a 12-month game development cycle to do that. We didn’t want it to be theoretical. We wanted it to start right now.

Eon Ancients is a CCG that we want to design and co-create with our community. Here’s what the community can expect to see in the coming days:

  • Game & card design voting polls
  • Card art contests (AI-generated art is ok!)
  • Writing contests
  • Playtest sessions

We will also be updating our whitepaper later this week to include more details on the design of the game, and we’ll be keeping it up to date as we make progress week by week. We’re truly building with the community, we don’t have it all figured out. We’re going to build in the open, and the whitepaper will update with game design decisions that are made.

What about the Card Packs?

Okay, so now you know what the Card Packs are relevant to. It’s a card game. But what am I holding and what does it do?

Let’s start with some details on the direct perks of holding the Card Packs themselves.

Discord Roles

  • Ancient Wielder (Amount held = 1) will also receive Eon Guardian role
  • Ancient Summoner (Amount held = 3) will also receive Eon Legend role
  • Ancient Celestial (Amount held = 5) will also receive Eon Legend role

(Reminder: Eon Legend is the role for guaranteed-supply allowlist for the upcoming Vanguards collection mint!)

In-Game Utility

Card Packs will also give persistent perks for in-game economy, which scale based on the number of packs held up to a specific cap. This has yet to be defined as a final design, but here is a simple conceptual example.

  • For example: 1 pack can represent a +1% bonus yield of an in-game reward, stacking up to +20%
  • Disclaimer: This is just an example, final mechanics and numbers are to be announced prior to the game launch via whitepaper.

Why don’t the card packs open?

This is a reasonable question. The short answer is Manifold smart contracts aren’t viable for us to use anymore, so we will be fulfilling the opening mechanic through a new contract. We’ll provide more details on this in another article/thread this week (and update this article with a link to it for posterity).


Relevant to the above topic, to get our holders onto the new contract, we will be airdropping a new “Pass Pack” to all holders in a 1-for-1 distribution. The snapshot date for this airdrop will be announced in our Discord this week.

These Pass Packs will then be openable to pull a Game Pass at random of 2 rarity levels:

Gold Pass (less rare)

Non-final preview of the Gold Pass thumbnail

Gold pass will allow some form of random card gacha pull in-game which will include card rarities from Bronze to Gold

Legendary Pass (more rare)

Non-final preview of the Legendary Pass thumbnail

Legendary pass will allow some form of random card gacha pull in-game including all card rarities from Bronze to Legendary

These Game Passes will provide this utility throughout the entirety of Eternal Edition card expansion.

Specific numbers & in-game gacha mechanics will be announced and added to whitepaper prior to game launch.

What about the larger vision of Eon Guardians & Vanguards? Why did we move into doing a CCG?

  1. Part of our core cultural value of building in the open so our community gets to be included in the process of building/designing a game.
  2. Strongly encourage the participation of the community to be part of the process.
  3. To further provide transparency and a bite-sized preview of how Eon will operate.
  4. We see an opportunity to start doing this right now and not wait until after our Vanguards mint, as well as being a more true representation of our vision than just the manga (which is still going to happen).
  5. Building an online Action-RPG will take a long time! Having Ancients operate as an interactive way to tell the story of Eon as we develop the larger game will help our audience and community learn and build with us. Some of what gets decided in Ancients may make it to the lore of Eon Guardians as well!

Get Ready

The pace at which we build and make announcements is going to accelerate! We’re excited to show our community what it means when we go into full production mode. We hope you will all continue to join us for the ride and help us in making Eon together.

Find out more about EON Guardians at Join our Discord community here for news, announcements, collaborations, and more.



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